Flow Assurance

Flow Assurance

For discovery wells and new field developments OCTL has unrivalled levels of experience and interpretation.

Many of the flow assurance techniques devised by OCTL, such as filter-plugging for WAT measurements, and the spectroscopic evaluation of asphaltene precipitation, have found broad industry acceptance and application.

We have proven expertise in the measurement and prediction of fluid properties and process behaviour, the selection and application of production chemicals, providing technical support in solving field problems, auditing process systems and the performance of chemical service providers, as well as researching new applications to improve field production.

Flow Assurance

Our flow assurance services include:

Standard test equipment for wax, asphaltene, emulsion and hydrate studies is routinely available at the Wareham laboratory to an operating pressure of 9500 psig and 200°C. Equipment rated to 15,000 psig can be mobilised given sufficient warning.

The test apparatus is flexible so that it can be commissioned in a variety of formats. This enables it to provide static and dynamic test rigs, flow loops and measuring devices that can reproduce any field condition.

Test extensions may be undertaken to allow reservoir studies by core flooding experimentation to the same conditions.

A filtration technique for detecting the formation of solid phases in flowing liquid is used to identify wax, asphaltene, hydrate and scale. Sub-samples of filtered crude can be taken to quantify asphaltene content by spectroscopic measurements which allow the quantity of asphaltene precipitation to be determined at ppm levels.