Production Chemistry Review

Chemical Management

OCTL provides a comprehensive oilfield Chemical Management service that can help cut operating costs and improve operating efficiency for process/production facility asset managers.

With access to new technology and mainstream materials providers, our decisions are based solely on what’s most suitable for your individual project and offers the best quality and value for money

OCTL’s laboratories have developed the Benchmark Test Programme as a cost-effective means of challenging suppliers to continually improve services under an awarded supply contract.

Complete Chemical Management (CCM) is tailored to provide an asset-specific, integrated and optimised service leading to improved operating costs and efficiencies.

Chemical Managment

The CCM service portfolio includes:

OCTL can provide any or all of the above support services, dependent upon clients’ in-house capabilities, either as an outsourced facility or integrated into the asset management team.

Core service provisions include:

Ancillary service provisions, which can be tailored to customer requirements and in-house capabilities, include: