Consultation Services

Consultancy Services

Whether it’s for ad-hoc projects or a long-term field development, our consultants can integrate with E&P teams to provide technical expertise and know-how to optimise field developments.

Using their extensive knowledge of drilling, completion and stimulation, our oilfield consultancy services can improve the selection, monitoring, understanding and cost efficiency of wellbore operations.

We take a flexible approach to individual production chemistry challenges and, with the support of our in-house laboratories and industry partners, we use proven scientific principles to develop and identify innovative solutions and cost-effective routes to field development.

Our consultants are able to represent clients for the entire production chemistry project management or advise on smaller but essential issues for specific conditions. Our expertise in the areas of data interpretation and consolidation, optimisation of production operations and materials selection combined with our extensive knowledge of petrochemistry have already paid dividends for numerous clients around the world. See our Clients and Projects page for examples or read more about our consultancy services by clicking on the links below.

Consultation Services

Areas of expertise include: